*CUTEST* Kissing Prank ♦️ GONE CRAZY

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*SEXIEST* Kissing Prank ♦️ GONE SEXUAL

Girl Sitting on Guys ♦️ GONE SEXUAL

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  1. These girls are dumb, Whilst he asks the girl 'Why did you pick that number?' He uses his other finger to write their number Lol.

  2. Am I the only one that saw a writing utensil in his hand? He writes their number while they answer…so damn dumb dude. So dumb.

  3. You just had a small pen on your right hand… and you were asking a small question when they were telling you that info so that you can write it down….. so stupid

  4. Dude he's got a extra little pen in his hand you can see him put it in his pocket after showing the numbers. Haha slick 

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