Riot launches new League of Legends tournament mode

Riot Games has announced a brand new League of Legends high stake tournament mode for teams.

The series, called Clash, will accommodate players of all skill levels and run every two weeks for three days.

Players will get the chance to win Clash exclusive prizes as they battle other teams in a single-elimination styled tournament.

Everyone who wishes to enter must have a rank in Summoner’s Rift and have at least honour level two to participate.

Players will assemble their own teams, where they must remain as a unit throughout the tournament. They’ll be able to choose a team name and a logo before being ranked into different tiers judged by combined skill level.

If any players on their respective teams fail to lock in within a 30-minute period, said team will lose its spot in the tournament.

Riot will also implement a system to prevent players from smurfing and abusing the system.

All champions will be unlocked in Clash and participants will also be able to see the stats and top picks of each other’s opponents.

The tournament will consist of three brackets. On day one, each team will be placed in a four-team bracket facing opponents in the same tier. Winning two games will advance the squad to the next day’s eight-team bracket and winners of that day will compete in the last day’s 16-team bracket for the Championship trophy.

In order to enter the tournament, players must use tickets, which can be obtained through blue essence, Riot Points, gifting and completing missions. One ticket entry will come with basic rewards whereas a premium five-ticket option will see players’ prizes upgraded.

Prizes include Clash exclusive victory points, new logos, banners as well as Clash capsules which will be awarded at the end of the tournament. The most illustrious prize, however, will be trophies for winning brackets. Clash conquerors will see their trophy at the nexus of their summoner’s rift games for two weeks after each tournament.



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